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  • Set version to v1.0.25.
  • Corrected install location.
  • Fixed preview for shared albums.
  • Fixed one more DateTime typecast.
  • Disabled debug output.
  • Corrected install location Swiss.
  • Changes PicasaEntry and PicasaAlbumEntry to a class.
  • Added support for shared albums where the url contains a  authKey query parameter.
    These url’s can be pasted (or dropped) in  the userid edit field.
    The supported format is:<usedid>/<abumname>?authuser=0&authkey=<authkey>&feat=directlink
    where the authuser and feat parameters are ignored.


  • Set version to v1.0.21
  • Added check for update menu item.
  • Added visit website menu item.


  • Set version to v1.0.10


  • Simplified code in Download All Context MenuItem by just calling getAlbums.
  • Added Ctrl support for Download All Context MenuItem.
  • This also corrects disabling the Download Button and Enabling the Stop one.
  • Added some Application.DoEvents() + Thread.Sleep(0) to some tight loop.
  • Escape illegal characters in filename and path by an underscore.
  • Rewrote Patterns and Settings to be mapped on PicasaOptions class.
  • Added Updated Date to Patterns.
  • Refactored ReplacePatterns into a single method and re-used code.
  • Refactored GetLocalDirectory and GetLocalfilename into a singe method and re-used code.
  • Scroll Listview when Downloading.
  • Added F1 Help support to LocalPropertiesOverlay.
  • Use DateTime.Parse when possible to obtain Updated Date.
  • Removed unused code, properties and fields.
  • Changed new IniFile(Filename) to new IniFile(null) (more up-to-date).
  • Found a workaround for the GDI+ errors during Bitmap.Save().


  • Download Selected and Resume Download Context Menu Items now work on selected items instead of focused one.
  • Reset Abort flag for Resume Download.
  • Added some safeguards around setting the value of the progress bar.


  • Resume option (for partially downloaded albums).
  • List of Albums now fetched 100 at a time, gives a nice progress indication).
  • Breached 1000 albums limit with some unsupported and undocumented code (but it works!). Ctrl-Click the List button to use it.
  • Added an About Dialog with PayPal Donate Button and Email link.


  • Properly unescape UrlEncoded filenames.
  • Pressing Escape to abort downloads is now working properly.
  • Switched to .NET 4.0 (full) Framework.
  • Added a Stop button and Escape Key as way to stop downloads.
  • Swapped the BackgroundWorkers for .NET 4.0 Tasks.
  • Updated assemblies.
  • Added a Click Once installer link to the download section.


  • Switched to .NET 4.0 (full) Framework.
  • Added a Stop button and Escape Key as way to stop downloads.
  • Swapped the BackgroundWorkers for .NET 4.0 Tasks.
  • Properly unescaped UrlEncoded filenames.
  • Updated assemblies.
  • Added a Click Once installer link to the download section.
  • Pressing Escape to abort downloads is now working properly.


  • Replaced some exception messages by a Summary dialog shown after downloading if there have been problems.
  • Corrected the Portable version (one of the dependencies was missing).
  • (Auto) Incremented the build of the executable.


  • Re-uploaded because the installer wasn't rebuild properly.


  • Fixed work item 10296 (Saving at resolutions above 1600px),
  • Added experimental support for a modifier of the image download url (insert a d/ before the filename).
  • Added ctrl-click detection to the download button to activate above feature.
  • Added a tooltip to the download button.
  • Repaired a minor bug in the Abort option (Escape Key).
  • Added some debugging output for the experimental feature.
  • Stored the modifier in the ini file. (if not "d/" it can be found in the download button of Picasa when viewing a single photo.
  • Made sure the download directory path always ends in a pathdelimiter.
  • Fixed a small typo in the English Translation (orginal -> original). Also see the note below!---


  • Fixed work item 9965, Unhandled exception when user exists but does not have public albums.
  • Added message when above happens ('0 public album(s) found').
  • Added message when user does not exist.


  • Auto completion for UserId field.
  • Abort Option (press Esc during downloads and PicasaDownloader will stop after the current image has finished).
  • A brand new translation option that even allows end-users to translate the default (en-US) text. Translations are saved as resources files in '%appdata%\PicasaDownloader'.
  • The translation is assisted by Google Translate if the Language is supported (request Chazuba).
  • Layout has changed slightly (request labarks).
  • Change download path (Right Click the Open Download Directory link).


  • A setup button has arrived with a single function to control the file naming of download images (request sswv). One can use up to four (case insensitive) pattern items.


Added a XHTML 1.0 Strict compatible preview of albums ('hidden' in the album list context menu). It will render a html page and start it in default web browser.
Added the portable version to this release as a separate download.


  • A portable version of PicasaDownloader.


  • Anchored linklabel correctly.
  • Added a separate method ListAlbums.
  • Added exception around json retrieval (GetAlum/ListAlbums).
  • Added Updated Column.
  • Refactored a Illegal Characters Method.
  • Fixed WorkItemId=9648
  • Fixed WorkItemId=9649
  • Added WaitCursor
  • Added Tooltip with some rudimentairy Album/Image Info, Fixes: WorkItemId=9583
  • Initial focus on UserId TextBox.
  • Added DoubleClicking Albums as alternative for Properties Context MenuItem.


  • Fixed Download Directory (Now a PicasaDownloader folder under My Pictures).
  • Replaced Label by a LinkLabel that opens explorer in the Download Directory.
  • Corrected the Installer Path (Removed Setup Suffix).


  • Initial version.

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