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PicasaDownloader (111842)

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Released: Dec 25, 2015
Updated: Dec 25, 2015 by wvd_vegt
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Release Notes

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Changelog (111842):
  • Set version to v1.0.25.
  • Corrected install location.
  • Fixed preview for shared albums.
  • Fixed one more DateTime typecast.
  • Disabled debug output.
  • Corrected install location Swiss.
  • Changes PicasaEntry and PicasaAlbumEntry to a class.

Changelog (111838):
  • Set version to v1.0.22.
  • Support for shared albums.
  • New Wix Builder based installer.

Changelog (106126):
  • Set version to v10.21.
  • Added check for update menu item.
  • Added visit website menu item.
  • Updated PayPal Donate button.

Changelog (105696):
  • Set version to v10.15.
  • Changed preview (right click album).
  • Added preview colors to Setup Options.
  • Fixed a bug preventing usage of directory separators in the Album Path.
  • Some other minor fixes.
  • Fixed signing.
  • Fixed preview issues.

Changelog (98920):
  • Set version to v1.0.10.0

Changelog (98919):
  • Simplified code in Download All Context Menu Item by just calling getAlbums.
  • Added Ctrl support for Download All Context Menu Item.
  • This also corrects disabling the Download Button and Enabling the Stop one.
  • Added some Application.DoEvents() + Thread.Sleep(0) to some tight loop.
  • Escape illegal characters in filename and path by an underscore.
  • Rewrote Patterns and Settings to be mapped on PicasaOptions class.
  • Added Updated Date to Patterns.
  • Refactored ReplacePatterns into a single method and re-used code.
  • Refactored GetLocalDirectory and GetLocalfilename into a singe method and re-used code.
  • Scroll Listview when Downloading.
  • Added F1 Help support to LocalPropertiesOverlay.
  • Use DateTime.Parse when possible to obtain Updated Date.
  • Removed unused code, properties and fields.
  • Changed new IniFile(Filename) to new IniFile(null) (more up-to-date).
  • Found a workaround for the GDI+ errors during Bitmap.Save().

Changelog (98888):
  • Added version number to AboutDialog.
  • Added Sorting of ListView (including Sort Glyphs).
  • Adjusted sorting for Date Updated Column.

Changelog (98860):
  • Download Selected and Resume Download Context Menu Items now work on selected items instead of focused one.
  • Reset Abort flag for Resume Download.
  • Added some safeguards around setting the value of the progress bar.

Changelog (98758):
  • Resume option (for partially downloaded albums).
  • List of Albums now fetched 100 at a time, gives a nice progress indication).
  • Breached 1000 albums limit with some unsupported and undocumented code (but it works!). Ctrl-Click the List button to use it.
  • Added an About Dialog with PayPal Donate Button and Email link.

Changelog (93170):
  • This is a small fix of the previous release (93068).
  • Fixed a filename encoding bug.
  • Added fallback for missing {Original Name} in file naming pattern.
Changelog (93068):
  • Added a Stop button and Escape Key as way to stop downloads.
  • Swapped the BackgroundWorkers for .NET 4.0 Tasks.
  • Properly unescape UrlEncoded filenames.
  • Updated assemblies.
  • Added a ClickOnce installer link to the download section.

Known issues:
  • Please note that the replacement patterns under the setup are tricky to translate automatically. You might have to re-enter them after you translated the pattern items.
  • If the application is minimized during download it fails to restore. In the task manager right click the application and choose 'Bring To Front'.

Note if upgrading:
  • Due to the change in translation ("Orginal Name" changed to "Original Name") the naming pattern might fail if it was stored in the ini file (or was translated). If this happens when the filenames all become equal to the pattern itself ({Orginal Name}) and only a single misnamed file will show up after a download. To fix this, either correct the pattern in the setup dialog or delete "Pattern=" line in the ini file located at "%appdata%\PicasaDownloader\PicasaDownloader.ini".
  • When the Escape key is pressed the download of the current image is finished.

Please make sure the correct DotNet Framework is installed, so do not add issues/messages on Framework problems.

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