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How to Translate:

  1. Press the Translate button
  2. Select a different language,
  3. Press set language and
  4. Right click one of the items in the grid below and choose for example Propose All and Bing Translate will be consulted.
  5. Before pressing OK, correct the ones not correctly translated (or having problems with the {n} placeholders.
  6. Then the will be showing in another language.

Available Translations:

Download and save these file in '%appdata%\PicasaDownloader'.

Language Translation
en-US This translation will be automatically created when starting with a Translation

Notes on translating:

  • If you create translations, and some items are turning red, there is a problem with the number of placeholders (the numbers between curly brackets) in the translation.
  • Note the punctuation and use of colons.
  • Placeholders can be swapped if necessary in your language.
  • Please note that the replacement patterns under the setup are tricky to translate automatically. You might have to re-enter them after you translated the pattern items.
  • As I cannot test the majority of the languages I can give no guarantee ;-)

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